What’s up with the tucked pelvis?

Googling about pregnancy posture brings up a lot of the same advice. You will be told that because of the shifting centre of gravity your lower back will get overextended (too curved) and so you need to bend your knees and tuck your tailbone and butt under to flatten your lower back and bring your belly in. Which makes you stand and walk like a veeery pregnant sitcom character. Does it work? Does it prevent back ache?

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Why The Pill is not a good cure

I have one problem with The Pill: It’s simply not good enough.

The Pill, the patch, the ring, the IUD… it makes it sound like there are many options, but in reality, these are all hormonal contraceptives and work roughly the same way. They switch the whole egg making machinery completely off. While that is the goal with birth control, it can hardly be called a cure for health problems like PCOS and endometriosis.

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The myth of the faulty female body

It can be really difficult for new ideas to catch on, but what tends to be even more difficult, is for old ideas to die. Especially the ones that “make sense”. Right now, I am looking at you, obstetrical dilemma.

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It’s not the pregnancy, it’s because I stand like stupid

I looked down at my feet today and this is what I saw.

And some things suddenly made sense.

Looking straight down at my feet. I thought they should be in the middle. (And is it just me, or does everyone look chubby from this angle?)

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